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Baby teething mitten gloves

Baby teething mitten gloves

Amazing baby teething gloves-teething is fun!



Teething is no more a nightmare for your baby. The amazing silicone baby teething gloves is more than just a perfect friend for your baby who is showing up with the early signs of teething. Normally the young champions chew their fingers which results in sourness. The silicone baby teething gloves helps to prevent your baby’s hands from getting hurt along with the soothing effect with a super relief in pain. Multiple attractive colors are available which will make your baby fell in love with his new friend.


  • BPA free teething gloves which are extremely friendly with your little one’s health.
  • Multiple silicone teething surfaces, which helps in soothing baby’s sore gums.
  • Helps in preventing scratches on gums.
  • Avoids the formation of blisters due to thumb chew during teething.


Hands in mouth are ok!

Are you tired of your baby who is experiencing the early teething symptoms? Do you wonder why does he always carry his hand toward his mouth? Well silicone teething gloves are the perfect solution for such babies. It helps them in reducing the irritation caused of saliva and also regents the baby from getting blisters because of thumb sucking.

The pain relieving texture

The texture and design of the silicone teething gloves is specially made in order to relieve the pain which emerges during the teething period. It has massage granules and multiple layers that helps to reach the front and back both sides of the teeth. This helps in massaging the gums whenever the baby takes his hands into the mouth. The texture of the mitten is hard enough that it doesn’t gets spoiled when your baby chews it.

Tired of toys spreader all around?

The silicone baby teething gloves has an adjustable strap that allows you to fix the mitten according to your baby’s hand size. This won’t burden you with cleaning the floor all time and will help your baby to easily pick up the mitten and get a friend for his sore gums.

BPA free silicone

The silicone baby teething gloves or mittens are perfectly healthy for your little hero, it gives them the company of BPA free, food grade silicon which is not at all harmful for your baby’s health. It gives your baby a perfect protection from all the harmful bacteria.

Flip over

The mitten is equally helpful for both the hands, you dent need to worry about the difference, just flip over and use it for either of hands. Not only this, the baby can easily move his hands inside the gloves and hold whatever he wants.


The silicone baby teething gloves are the best solution for your baby who is showing up with the early symptoms of teething. It is specially designed while keeping all the critical facts in mind regarding the worries of the mother and the pain of the baby. This would be a perfect gift for your baby before the fairy comes up with his tenths.